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Atomic City Transit (Los Alamos/White Rock, New Mexico)

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Atomic City Transit (aptly named for the nuclear research legacy of its home city, Los Alamos) is one of the youngest transit agencies in the US.  It has a pretty diverse fleet for its tiny size, as illustrated by the buses I have spotted and pictured last Friday.

Bus 4101 is a long-wheelbase diesel Chevy/Eldorado Passport cutaway spotted as the mid-day extra bus on its Downtown Circulator service.  Compare it with the shorter-wheelbase CNG Santa Fe Trail bus in my upcoming post.


Bus 4112 is 1 of 2 Trolley Replicas in its fleet and is the regular bus on the service.


Bus 4142 is a Chevy/Arboc low floor cutaway.


Atomic City Transit is the only American transit operator of both versions of New Flyer MiDi (The PHLASH tourist circulator service in Philly doesn't count in my opinion).  I had the fortune to spot all 5 MiDi's in action on my visit.  They have 3 dual-door MD35's (4151-4153) represented by bus 4152 attached here, and 2 single-door MD30's (4154-4155) represented by bus 4154.


The gems of its fleet, however, are the 3 New Flyer 40ft. buses restricted to either after-school special runs or seasonal shuttle to Bandelier National Monument.  There is a D40LFR (4106) which I was unable to spot on my visit and 2 XD40's (4124-4125) represented by bus 4124,  They are 2 first's among my NFI Xcelsior spottings: The first diesel Xcelsior I've ever spotted (All other Xcelsior's I've spotted so far are either CNG's or hybrids, the vast majority are the former); and the first Xcelsior's with rear windows I've ever spotted.  Apparently, the agency will use both Xcelsior's on that shuttle on the every 30 minute, 2-bus schedule on weekdays, adding the D40LFR on the every 20 minute schedule during the weekend.


In my opinion, Atomic City Transit really has one of the nicest livery I've ever seen on conventional transit buses.  One last tip to anyone who wants to fan on the system in the future: DON'T BOTHER to visit the transit center and take pictures there as it sits next to the Los Alamos National Laboratory and will land you into major security problem.  (ALL the pictures attached are taken at civilian locations in Los Alamos and White Rock).  Hope you still enjoy my sightings at my gallery for this agency.









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