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Ex-Ontario GO Transit D4500


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Between 2014 and 2015, Academy Express received roughly 28 ex-Go Transit MCI buses. America's Transportation aka Safeguard America, a company contracted by Miami-Dade, received 9 of them. Monsey Tours has bought at least one. Here are their new and old numbers, with license plates (if possible) and VIN numbers. If anyone can back up or correct this information, it would be great. 

A lot of this info is based on photos, running license plates through autocheck for VIN, and confirming these based on a couple of documents from WTAC, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Commission, who keeps track of various DC carriers.


Academy Express

Current Former License Plate     VIN
1901 Ex-GO Transit #2149 AR162H     1M8PDMRA93P055758
1902 Ex-GO Transit #2153 AR163H     1M8PDMRA63P055961
1903 Ex-GO Transit #2157 AR164H     1M8PDMRA73P055967
1904 Ex-GO Transit #2159 AR907G     1M8PDMRA13P056077
1905 Ex-GO Transit #2165 AS764A     1M8PDMRA73P056083
1906 Ex-GO Transit #2172 AR462H     1M8PDMRA43P056090
1907 Ex-GO Transit #2173 AR463H     1M8PDMRA63P056091
1908 Ex-GO Transit #2182 AR734H     1M8PDMRA53P056101
1909 Ex-GO Transit #2186 AR866H     1M8PDMRA64P056268
1910 Ex-GO Transit #2190 AR884E     1M8PDMRA84P056272
1911 Ex-GO Transit #2193 AS269A     1M8PDMRA34P056275
1912 Ex-GO Transit #2194 AS765A     1M8PDMRA54P056276
1913 Ex-GO Transit #2131 P826878     1M8PDMRA02P054836
1914 Ex-GO Transit #2132 P826900     1M8PDMRA22P054837
1915 Ex-GO Transit #2133 P826891     1M8PDMRA42P054838
1916 Ex-GO Transit #2134 P826898     1M8PDMRA62P054839
1917 Ex-GO Transit #2142 P826890     1M8PDMRA63P055555
1918 Ex-GO Transit #2145 P826899     1M8PDMRA13P055558
1919 Ex-GO Transit #2187 P826888     1M8PDMRA84P056269
1920 Ex-GO Transit #2197 P826897     1M8PDMRA04P056279
1921 Ex-GO Transit #2199 P826895     1M8PDMRA94P056281
1922 Ex-GO Transit #2203 P826894     1M8PDMRA64P056285
1923 Ex-GO Transit #2206 P826871     1M8PDMRA14P056288
1924 Ex-GO Transit #2209 P826896     1M8PDMRA14P056291
1925 Ex-GO Transit #2213 P826874     1M8PDMRA94P056295


Safeguard America-Miami-Dade


5772 Ex-GO Transit #2135 CTY-R34     1M8PDMRA22P054840
5773 Ex-GO Transit #2136 CTY-R35     1M8PDMRA22P054841
5776 Ex-GO Transit #2211       1M8PDMRA54P056293



Monsey Tours (New York)

7719 Ex-GO Transit #2126 50988PC     1M8PDMRA12P054831



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