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Functional Presto Card Readers

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1384 (MtD bus) also has one and it seems to be working. I'm thinking they installed a whole bunch of them at Arrow and traded hybrids with MtD so there would be presto enabled MtD buses for the 512 shuttle.

Edit: In a new TTC video, Andy and Brad has stated that the 512 will be presto enabled.

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On 6/16/2016 at 4:23 PM, leylandvictory2 said:

Yes, Arrow and Wilson have started installing presto machines on their buses.  According to my source, it will be done near the end of July.  Malvern and Mount Dennis will be the next divisions getting presto installed on the machines.  After that Birchmount and Eglinton will get them.  The wheel trans buses will be getting them as well.

I thought Malvern would be last based on what TTC said about installing the machines from west to east.

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On 5/3/2016 at 10:12 PM, Vbao Lu said:

Okay, sure this topic can be about Presto Card Readers. Please post the units that are working with it. :)

4000-4199, 4120 and 4087 is not working with Presto



1200-1423: 1310,1332-1333,1337,1348-1350,1355,1358,1375,1384-85,

1700-1829: 1701,

7300-7351: 7310,7312,7315, 7321,7339-7340,7342-43,7346

7900-7979: 7900,7904-7905,7906-08,7916,7920,7924,7927-7930,7932-34,7939-40,7944,7947-49,7956,7961,7970,7973,

8000-8099: 8000-8099

8100-8219: 8146,8167,8171,8180,8187,8196-97,8203,8205-8206,8212,8214,8218,

8300-8396: 8301,8303,8310,8313,8315,8317,8319,8322,8327,8346,8350,8391


if you can, could you start putting an date updated not at the bottom of this list?

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