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Canada to France in an Hour!...By Ferry.

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Next year you will be able to ‘drive to France’ in an hour with a new vehicle ferry connection between Fortune, Newfoundland and Saint Pierre.



Until now....the ferry has been passenger only, no vehicles:


And an FYI for those not familiar.....Saint-Pierre & Miquelon is a Territory "Collectivité" of France located about 20 miles off the coast of Newfoundland. The islands might be in North America but the local currency in the Euro and the food and wine.....excellent!



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I recently spotted a couple of SPM plated vehicles (European style with the EU symbol) passing through here on the Trans Canada Highway.

And here’s some SPM plated vehicles  in this Street-View link...sitting on the dock in Fortune, Newfoundland.  I’m just guessing here .....since the current ferry is passenger only......cars must be barged across now on an irregular basis.


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