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After much hesitation and some doubt about making my Flickr page more visible, I now have the urge to share my Flickr page on this board. I've used Flickr for almost four years now, and it's very nice looking and easy to use. I originally created my Flickr to share photos of my high school trip to Greece & Italy in 2012 with Earl Haig, as on the photo gallery of that trip website, I realized that they (the trip organizers) did not upload photos on there anymore (eventually the whole gallery page disappeared). So I decided that I shall share the trip photos not only to my classmates of the trip but also to show my passion in photography.

At the time of Greece & Italy I did not have much of an interest in public transit, and my only transportation-related pictures were of airplanes. It was in 2013 when I started studying at the University of Ottawa (I no longer study there) that I became interested in public transit. uOttawa had a U-Pass for OC Transpo and even though I lived very close to campus, I travelled on OC and the STO once in a while. I researched about the bus models of these two systems and came across CPTDB and saw many transit photos and decided I should upload transit pictures onto my Flickr.

From the albums tab on my Flickr, one can probably see that my favorite bus model is the Nova Bus LFS. Its appearance looked really nice and attractive, and with the recent 4th generation redesign of it, I took even more photos of it. With the large LFS hybrid order coming into different transit agencies of Quebec I also have several collections dedicated to the new hybrid buses of STL Laval, RTL Longueuil, RTC Quebec (including hybrid bus 1499 demo), STO Gatineau, and STS Sherbrooke. Personally my favorite LFS photos are those of the LFSe prototype displayed in CUTA Trans-Expo 2015 in Montreal. Outside of Nova Bus, I also have collections of some other bus models, like the New Flyer Xcelsior and MiDI, the Alexander Dennis Enviro500, and some other motorcoach models, like MCI J/E4500, and Prevost H-series. Being a fan of Autocar Préférence as well, I also have a large collection of photos of coaches from that company as well, as I've frequently been on them during the winter on trips with the McGill SSMU Ski & Snowboard Club to places like Mont-Tremblant, Bromont, Mont-Ste-Anne, Jay Peak, Stowe, etc.

In rail rapid transit, I also have collections of pictures from the Montreal Metro, Toronto Subway, Hong Kong MTR, and Singapore MRT. I also extensively covered the debut service of Montreal's MPM-10 Azur, which I think, is the most aesthetically best looking train I've seen.

In aviation I've made collections of different plane models, with my favorite being the Boeing 777, 787, and Airbus A350. I also have a few cockpit pictures. Personally my favorite aviation photos are of Iron Maiden's Ed Force One 747, of which I have a picture of it in my forum signature.

So here it is, here's my Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kalung1/

* You do need to log in to see my full username; my short user name is Kalung1.

Here's my album page, and do scroll down and into the second page as well: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kalung1/albums

Here's my most recent album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kalung1/albums/72157667104929126

Here's the Greece/Italy trip website I talked about (I do not own it): http://greeceitaly.earlhaig.ca/

Enjoy my photos! :)

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New update: a recent trip I did last week:

May 9: Delta CRJ700 YUL-DTW, Delta 737-900ER DTW-SEA

I went to Seattle to take a lot of airplane photos, including the Boeing 727, 737, 747 prototypes and the Concorde at the Museum of Flight, photographing the Boeing 737 MAX, going to the Boeing tour at the Everett factory, as well as a short visit to Vancouver, including some transit spotting on the SkyTrain, and photographing the new JetSet Parking Nova Bus LFS HEV.

May 16: Delta 737-900ER SEA-JFK, Delta CRJ700 JFK-YUL

I also photographed a Qatar Airbus A350 at JFK.

Here's the full set of photos of my trip: https://flic.kr/s/aHskAm6xbL

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