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4 hours ago, Nick B said:

Some random thoughts I've been having ever since the forum facelifts a couple months back that I thought would be worth sharing...

Is the "Top Posters/Popular Posts/Popular Days" feature on the right side of the page in most topics really necessary? Personally I don't see much advantage to it, and a lot of times it tends to draw attention to old bullshit flame wars that don't necessarily need attention drawn back to them after months/years. Of course some exceptions to that but those are outnumbered I find.

As well, the "Posted Images" feature is also pretty useless, as for one it only displays 4 images rather than having an option to view all past images posted in a topic, and secondly, most images show up as tiny thumbnails when you click on them. This could be a useful feature if you could view all past images in a topic as I mentioned which you can't, and if the images could open in full size when you click on them. Unless that is already the case and I just don't know how to do that, which if there is, someone please let me know.


I haven't found it useful and usually just scroll right past it without a second glance. I haven't looked for a way to disable it so not sure if it is a theme setting or a board setting, but I think it was part of the forum software upgrade.

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Good Morning I was wondering if someone could edit the Miami Dade Transit wiki

02145,02177,02178,02184,02192,02204 03199 04139,04167,04187,04210 05108,05114,05125, 05133,05159,05170 and 05209 are going to North East 

04157,04163,04174,05107 05110 05120 05162 05164 have been reactivated at Coral Way 

05174 retired and 05175 came back from retirement heading to NorthEast 

05188 and 05189 got transferred to Central 

05199 got transferred to North East 

02189 got parked 

06117 going to Coral Way

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On 3/28/2022 at 7:08 AM, PrimeTio said:

@A. Wong


Anytime in the future, will we ever receive a delete button on our end? Or do the developers of the actual sight have to implement it?

On the forum, we prefer you just report posts for deletion.

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