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Lowell Regional Transit Authority Lowell MA Update

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Hello everyone I got word the end of July of 2016 the new 12 2016 Gillig 29' Low floor buses will be here i got word from a Friend Of mine that works At the Lowell Regional Transit Authority Lowell Ma and the Fleet Numbers will be 1601-1612 to Replace the current 12 2005 Gillig 29' Low floor 0501-0512

and the recent post i,posted about them being delivered next year with the order being 2017 Gillig 29' Low Floor being 1701-1712 there going to be 2016 Gillig Low Floor buses being delivered at the End of July of 2016 if anyone can Edit the LRTA order that will be Appreciated And again i got,word from a Friend Who's does the ordering of the buses at the LRTA and there's no link on the order

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