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Transit55 | Real time bus tracking for 5 Canadian cities

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On 4/8/2017 at 3:11 PM, Gil said:

I haven't seen what format the data from MiWay is in, but your route map does show which branch the bus is operating when you click on it.  So it's buried somewhere in the data if you're inadvertently tracking it.

Sorry, what I meant is that there is no explicit reference to the route branch numbers. So while the route map shows the different branch, and the trip schedule reflects the branch, there's no specific reference to, for example, 1C instead of just 1. But I may be able to add this in manually.

Ideally, my hope is that MiWay can update the provided data to reflect what's shown on destination signs instead of just a general direction (e.g. "westbound").

I will look into what is feasible to try and make this happen. Thanks again for the suggestion and information! :)

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Mississauga doesn't appear to be displaying any buses on the map (which also took some time to load on my phone). Something go wrong?

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On 3/20/2016 at 12:48 AM, 1604 said:

Thanks for all the interest!

I would love to add more cities, but unfortunately, it's not as easy as just dropping in a different data feed and being done with it.

First and foremost, processing the data for each city multiple times per minute consumes server resources, which, sooner or later, translates into needing a beefier server, and then a higher monthly bill. It also takes time to set up, customize and adapt, and then maintain the site for each city. Lastly, even though many cities have GPS on their buses, not all of them make that data publicly available in the format the site is built around, or at all.

I also agree with Martin on his points about the app. The website is designed to scale well between PC and mobile, and developing an app would take a lot of extra work and time. Focusing solely on the web version allows me to devote all my attention to that instead of having to juggle between 2 or more different platforms.

Just reading this thread and fully appreciate your effort and predicaments. We are in a similar situation ourselves with out new Transit Web App (covers all different areas to yours BTW), requests do consume server resources and bringing on and maintaining a new region is time consuming.

Like yourself we decided against web apps and opted for responsive design web techniques instead. And actually when doing an "Add to Homescreen" on Chrome on Android you have something that is very similar to an app in feel. Apps are in vogue now but I wouldn't be surprised if there is eventually a move away from them back to web apps·

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