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CitiBus (Watertown, NY)


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Update - Orion V #1880 was spotted last week in service on the mall route, with two of the new cutaways on the other routes.  The other four Orion buses were parked next to the garage, all with plates and the two facing the street had fareboxes still.   

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On 6/30/2019 at 6:42 PM, tomsbuspage said:

I went to Watertown yesterday to do some bus fanning (among other things), and I got photos of the withdrawn Orion buses at the garage, along with photos of the new buses in service.

First, out with the old...




...and then in with the new!












So they replace classic Orion V diesels with trash I see.....

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13 hours ago, GojiMet86 said:

Looks like the ElDorados belong to First Transit. That numbering fits in with the other ElDorados running at Rutgers and College of Staten Island.

I could be wrong, but if the buses are operated by a contractor there usually is an "Operated by First Transit" or whatever contractor somewhere on the bus with a DOT number. The the license plates have state plates on them, which a contractor could still operate them. That would just show the City owned the buses. A lot of First Transit locations use the last four digits of the VIN number for the fleet number. It is possible CitiBus did the same thing.

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21 hours ago, GojiMet86 said:

I was thinking about First Transit, because I hadn't seen those buses on the wiki. Are they new and original to Citibus?

Yes, according to various news articles.  It's just one bus right now, the other new ones are all cutaways.  One of the recent news articles mentioned that the city was considering purchasing a second full-size bus, so we'll see if it's another ElDorado or something different. 

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