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EA140001-085 42BRT.08 WMATA 8001-8085

EA140086-092 35.10 Fort Collins (7)

EA140277-296 42BRT.08 WMATA 8086-8105

EA140297-336 40.55 Houston METRO 1800-1839

EA140337-344 40.56 Arlington, VA 5054-5059, 5061, 5067

EA140345-374 42BRT.07 Foothill Transit F2200-F2229

EA140375-463 40.53 DART Dallas 42001-42089

EA140464 40.55 Houston METRO 2000

EA140465-479 40.57 Fort Lauderdale 1401-1415

EA140480-484 40.57 Fort Lauderdale 1416-1420

EA140515-589 40.56 Houston METRO 1840-1914

EA140590-598 40.59 Fort Collins (9)

FA140001-049 40.55 Houston METRO 2001-2049

FA140050-092 60BRT.20 Miami 15501-15543

FA140093-101 40.56 Arlington, VA 5091-5099

FA140102-116 ?

FA140117-118 60BRT.15 Fort Collins (2)

FA140119-122 42BRT.04 Logan Airport (4)

Nolan Kolmel, Secretary

Motor Bus Society

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There seems to be alittle problem with Houston...

According to NFIL press realeases, the houston order was as follows:

40 diesels 2014 (ok as 1800-1839, EA140297-336)

45 diesels and 80 CNG 2015 (here is a bit of a problem - 1840-1914 are 75 diesels, EA140515-589, so apparently 30 CNG's were built as diesels. that leaves 50 CNG's, 2000-2049. However only 49 serials, FA140001-049, identified. Since these are at start of year, one wonders of 2000 is actually EA140599? and FA140001 starts 2001?

Any way to check this out?

By the way, Houston should have 100 XN40's coming if the last 100 NABI's for 2016 were converted.

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Any thoughts on EA140485-514?

After getting the AutoCheck vehicle histories from four of the serials, my only guess is that they're Foothill Transit F2300-F2329 (42BRT.07). However, I'm uncertain if the fleet numbers are in sequential order alongside these serials.

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