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Let's get the EDN Axxess serials straightened out here:

6395 is EC084165 and is apparently the former Altoona test bus

6396-6399 are EC084067-EC08470

6400 is EC084066 and was likely delivered as 6395 (1st)

"2014" order was for 91 buses. 6401-6412,6414-6484 have been delivered for a total of 83. 6395 (2nd) is probably considered a 2014 delivery, for a total of 84. So far no sign of 6485-6491.

In addition, CNG Axxesses 15500-15512,15514-15520 have been delivered in late 2014, but are not yet in service for lack of fueling facility, which is still under construction.

In addition, 8 MCI's 6964-6971 were delivered and 6900-6907 have or will soon be retired

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Couple of corrections to PACE roster:

15501-15520 came in late 2015 not 2014

7150-7169 were leased from CTA, not bought. All went back, some were later leased out for paratransit service, several became work buses.

At this point there is no reason to believe 6485-6491 are still coming. PACE's entry in 2013 APTA fleet lists shows 91 on order (6400-6491 exc 6413?) but reality seems to be 6395 (ex demo) and 6401-6484 exc 6413 are it - 84 buses. Maybe rest of grant went towards 6963-6971???

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