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Let's get the EDN Axxess serials straightened out here:

6395 is EC084165 and is apparently the former Altoona test bus

6396-6399 are EC084067-EC08470

6400 is EC084066 and was likely delivered as 6395 (1st)

"2014" order was for 91 buses. 6401-6412,6414-6484 have been delivered for a total of 83. 6395 (2nd) is probably considered a 2014 delivery, for a total of 84. So far no sign of 6485-6491.

In addition, CNG Axxesses 15500-15512,15514-15520 have been delivered in late 2014, but are not yet in service for lack of fueling facility, which is still under construction.

In addition, 8 MCI's 6963-6970 were delivered and 6900-6907 have or will soon be retired.

Note also that 2013 MCI's are 6950-6962, not 6951-6963 - please fix the VIN list.

Also, here is the specifics on the Hausman leasers from 2013-14:


6910 VP049444

6911-6912 WP050514-0515

6914 XP052004

6915 YP053273

6916 XP052003

6917 WP050636

6918 VP049626

6919 VP049894


6920 9P058838

6921-6922 9P058776-8777


6923 7W064120

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