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Tender for 40- 40' buses with 2 options years appears to be delayed. A report was going to council this coming up week due to the amount of the tender, but, the report is listed on the agenda as deleted. I'm assuming that this is in light of the council meeting where the direction given to administration was to prepare a budget for the supplementary budget this Fall which includes different options for quantities of electric buses, which includes 40 units. Presumably this would be instead of the diesel bus purchase. Tender was to close August 31. 

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After days of waiting I've been able to finally take this shot!

Unrelated to the shields, the stock photo used in the Global newscast is my photo:

Why does this need to be discussed in the Edmonton section? It doesn’t. Refer to the Vancouver section for Vancouver related topics, please and thank you.

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29 minutes ago, M. Parsons said:

Oddly, the other day both Orion's made it out on AM-PM peak runs.

ya, i saw them nearby WEM on that day too!

#6005@100 Downtown (1).JPG

#6005@100 Downtown (2).JPG

#6005@100 Super Express (1).JPG

#6006@33 Meadows (1).JPG

#6006@33 West Edm Mall (1).JPG

1 hour ago, t_harris01 said:

If anyone is going to Heritage Festival today. I got 6006 out on the Davies Park N Ride till 1700 hrs. Very rare except special events that the orions go out on weekends


wow cool! i will see if I could come over today!




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With ETS moving to up to 75% paid parking at Century Park, they recommend: 

"Spaces are limited and customers are encouraged to arrive early, carpool, or travel to LRT stations by bus."

Yet... They went and cut a bunch of peak hour service in the catchment area for Century Park. Smart. 

Route 34

6am and 6:30am trips from Southgate to Leger not restored on weekdays

Route 36

7:44am trip from South Campus to Leger not restored on weekdays.

Route 38

6:32am and 7:02am trips from Southgate to Leger not restored on weekdays.

3:01pm trip from Leger to Southgate not restored on weekdays.

Route 43

8:24am trip from South Campus to Century Park not restored on weekdays.

8:51am, 9:05am and 4:55pm trips from Century Park to South Campus not restored on weekdays.

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4498 had a computerized voice. It sounded terrible. I can't imagine it's a replacement for Janis. Maybe it's some sort of back up in case files get corrupted?

6001's gear seems to not be working. Spotted it twice, both times not on the tracker. 

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45 minutes ago, CaptainTransit_4488 said:

Hers was hard to understand for words. Eaux Claires you could never understand. I like this one much better. Less annoying lol. 

Annoying or not, at least Janis was audible. If you can't hear the announcement it does no good. What should be done is to change the visual display to show the next stop and to keep it lit until the bus is just starting to pull out of the stop. (In case you are busy looking at your device and suddenly notice the bus is stopped and wondering what stop it is at) Never mind showing the Stop Requested. As long as the driver has his next stop light activated, that's enough. As a rider I don't care if the stop is requested. I will simply pull the bell cord, and if it doesn't ring, I will know it has been requested. Very often I've 'looked up' to see which stop is coming up and all I see is that stupid 'Stop Requested' scrolling.

In Van the announcement is preceded by a short chime to alert the rider that the next stop is about to be announced / displayed. This would work here too.

1 hour ago, M. Parsons said:

Wonder if Janis retired so no more access to her for recording?

She's been there long enough to have obtained all her points (age + seniority = 85) So many changes in management and still an over abundance of 'dead wood' floating around, it wouldn't surprise me if she took off.  Not a fun environment anymore, very stressful and not conducive to productivity. Many people are leaving at age 55, or when they have attained 85 pts. Few are actually staying until age 65 or 35 service years. At least in the Customer Service area.

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Pretty close, I think most if not all of the buses have it, including the Passports. It sounds exactly like BusLink in Edmonton. Announces every upcoming bus stop (not every intersection) from what I could tell. And of course "Stop Requested".

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The new announcement voice sounds a bit like Crystal, but not exactly, although it is hard to tell because the 'voice' is barely audible above the engine noise. It does sound very mechanized / robotic. I haven't heard one yet that I can actually hear. Janis on the other hand is loud and clear. Shawn says the drivers have no control over the volume, so a bit of a different set up than what Vancouver has. John (in Van) always turned his volume down so he could make his own announcements. (Not that I approve of that, but John will be John I suppose).


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