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13 hours ago, T6H-5307N said:

Sure enough... that bus somehow managed to get a driver shield installed. I guess the 2001's live on!


Hey be on the look out for 4478 it was off the road since March 16 and is now back on the road. It was off the road because it didn't have a shield either. 


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After days of waiting I've been able to finally take this shot!

Unrelated to the shields, the stock photo used in the Global newscast is my photo:

Why does this need to be discussed in the Edmonton section? It doesn’t. Refer to the Vancouver section for Vancouver related topics, please and thank you.

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4478 and others are nothing special. Buses have slowly been reentering service with shields for the last 2 months. 4267 is the first 4200 to escape retirement and receive a shield. Vice versa, there are 4300's that are likely retired. Hell, 6002 was parked out back of Andrews. Not with the retired buses, likely waiting for a shield, but, you never know. 

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Not much of a question. Most are going to scrap without much in the way of parts removal. It's actually rarer to find a retired bus parted out than largely intact. 

Some are retired/ out of services buses are parked at the Ellerslie facility. 

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2 hours ago, 1046bluebus said:

I thought when 4270 was retired and parted out maybe all the 4200s would go. There are still at least 30 4200s parked inside Mitchell Garage. None inside Centennial or KA. Not sure about Ferrier. 

Assuming they receive the predicted number of diesel buses this year (7110-7201) in addition to the 20-30 (40?) electric buses and the XD60's, they should in theory have enough to replace everything up to 4300. That being said, there are also a handful of 4300's that could be retired... I suppose we just need to wait and see at this point!

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4 Vicinity's outside at Andrews including 2011. Most likely for shield installation. Shields for the Vicinity's are due in next week, but, no plans to bring back Community Service buses for the next sign up that starts June 20. 

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7078 on route 1, followed by 4959 on route 5. Both buses are westbound on 103A Avenue approaching 97 Street. Route 5 is currently rerouted using 100 Street/103A Avenue rather than Jasper Avenue/95 Street due to construction on Jasper Avenue. Route 5 previously didn't see articulated buses before the pandemic. Photo taken June 26, 2020.


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7 hours ago, Matt Dunlop said:

ETS 7154 was out on the 747. Not sure if the luggage racks were fitted from the factory or if ETS put them in. https://youtu.be/xKwj8ZM0FC8


Suspected to be none of the above. The 4 747 units were offsite when no other XD's were, at a location no other buses have been seen at before. Would have needed new luggage racks as the existing ones wouldn't have been compatible with an XD. 

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3 hours ago, Catherine Wilkins said:

This should be the last diesel bus purchased according to anonymous sources.

Actually it's not.

This just in:



Edmonton expands mobility with New Flyer in support of continued city growth; adds to over 1,100 New Flyer buses delivered

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – August 13, 2020: (TSX: NFI) New Flyer Industries Canada ULC (“New Flyer”), a subsidiary of NFI Group Inc. (“NFI”), one of the world’s leading independent global bus manufacturers, today announced that the City of Edmonton, the owner and operator of Edmonton Transit Service (“ETS”), has awarded New Flyer a contract for 46 forty-foot Xcelsior® clean diesel heavy-duty transit buses, which have been converted from New Flyer’s backlog and are currently in delivery.

The contract follows multiple prior orders from ETS, with New Flyer having delivered over 1,100 buses to the agency since 1992, and is in addition to the 35 sixty-foot Xcelsior clean-diesel transit buses (70 equivalent units or “EUs”) recently purchased by the City of Edmonton and announced in December 2019.

ETS continues to refresh its bus fleet as the city focuses on improving and expanding efficient mobility through its ETS Annual Service Plan and 2020 priorities.

“New Flyer has proudly served ETS for years, having delivered over one thousand buses spanning three decades as Edmonton’s population swelled by nearly sixty percent. With this additional order, we continue to help ETS in expanding mobility with the most advanced transit technology and proven platform available in North America,” said Chris Stoddart, President, New Flyer. “We look forward to supporting an ETS-driven evolution in community transit, advancing the experience with more reliable, efficient, and connected mobility.”

New Flyer’s clean diesel buses use a four-step process to filter emissions, with leading technology resulting in highly efficient, virtually smoke-free engines which can reduce particulate emissions by 90% and NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions by 95%. For information New Flyer’s full product line of low and zero-emission Xcelsior buses, visit newflyer.com/buses/xcelsior-family.

ETS is a fully integrated public transit system providing bus, light rail, and paratransit service. ETS focuses on service, infrastructure, and technology to deliver and operate seamless transit within the City of Edmonton limits, in addition to Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove, Beaumont, and the Edmonton Garrison at Namao.

New Flyer has been leading innovation in mobility for 90 years, today supporting North American cities with sustainable buses, technology, and infrastructure. It also operates the Vehicle Innovation Center, the first and only innovation lab of its kind dedicated to advancing bus technology and providing workforce development through electric bus training. New Flyer was the first bus manufacturer in the world to sign on to the Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Cities, and is currently developing automated bus technology to improve safety in public transit.


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