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TTC New Vehicle Installations/Unusual equipments

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1 hour ago, Ultimate said:

7957 has the new white line, also can that list on the first page maybe be organized a bit or does someone have a proper list?

I never received any message from the previous owner, so I haven’t updated the list. Probably won’t be updating the list until the week of December 30th.

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On 1/4/2020 at 1:23 AM, Genius101 said:

I rode in T1 car #5044 and noticed that the B-end of the car has a A-side type sliding door. 

I believe #5293 is the opposite. The A-end of that car has a B-side sliding door. 

Yes, 5044 has been like that for a while now (at least since 2017 if not earlier).

Edit: here's a picture of 5044 from February 2017.


And you're right about 5293.

On 11/17/2019 at 4:36 PM, 81-717 said:

5293 has a non-cab end door at the cab end. It is currently on run 220

Edited by 81-717
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8949 has a few things:

- Stand behind the white line sticker

- Stand behind the white line, line

- POP decals on the exterior near both front & rear doors, and interior behind the driver & near the rear presto machine

- A really large “caution, bus lowers, watch your step” sign (like the ones found on the Orion Vs)

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