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TTC New Vehicle Installations/Unusual equipments

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4 hours ago, TTC7447 said:

The majority of Birchmount's fleet has the stickers, which is why I stopped reporting them.  They also have the "fare payment required" sticker by each door, and inside by the front of the bus near the seats directly behind the driver.

Some Queensway Novas have these POP stickers at the rear door but did not say all of them have it.

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20 minutes ago, Ultimate said:

Whats different with it?

It's rare for there to be an intercar door at the cab end without the reinforcement over the glass. I don't know how long 5293 has been that way, but it's the first time I saw that, so I thought it was worth noting, but i guess not 🤔

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9 minutes ago, splendidwizardplayer said:

5259 & 58 have cameras and 5083 & 82 have camera stickers

5328/29 were already reported, but the two others are new. Thanks!

In other news I saw 4496 with a regular rear red panel in service on 512 not too long ago.

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