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TTC New Vehicle Installations/Unusual equipments

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5 hours ago, TTCBusfan21 said:

Honestly, I'm not surprised the doors were smashed the full glass makes them easy to be smashed, and angry people probably smashed the doors.

front windshield also get smashed.  Police recently arrested a woman who kept on throwing rocks on buses along Don Mills Road.

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3 hours ago, leylandvictory2 said:

I think all of the buses will be fitted with the orange dots.  

Funny thing is that I thought that the dots were red but when I really took a look at them they are actually orange. My eyes were playing tricks on me.

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16 minutes ago, TechnicaProductions said:

5262/3 are now equipped with CCTV. Makes me wonder if the TTC's finally phasing it in.

I was wondering where that set went. I didn't see it in a very long time.

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On 8/7/2018 at 3:48 PM, 63 Ossington said:

Not sure if this is the right place for it, but the "left" (non op-side) side sign for 5861 were on. Not sure of the rest of the train or the "right" side's sign. Has 2 exposures - I believe they were Line 1 // to Finch or something of the sort. Orange LED's.

Saw set 586X again. All the Vaughan-bound left/non-op/centre platform side signs were on, except for 5861's. Couldn't see the other side. I was wrong, it seems that it's actually one exposure - "Line 1 to Vaughan".. unless each exposure has a very long timer and I left before it switched. Pictured is 5862's sign. External route announcements were also operational.



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8 hours ago, ttcbusdude said:

There are more than just 1 Orion VII with a full NG bell.

7876 on 113 is one of them. Please list the other Orions that have full NG bells if you can. :)

That's the only active Orion VII OG S50 with it I believe.

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On 7/21/2018 at 10:34 PM, transitfan100 said:

credits to noahrp24 for sending me this pic of 8823 with new bike rack


lowered bike rack so 2 bikes wont interfere with sightlines, also could accomodate fat tires that are 3" in width


saw this same bus at kennedy yesterday and it has the old bike racks on, 1 bike rule

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