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TTC New Vehicle Installations/Unusual equipments

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Hello all, Let's have an organized list here. :) Please stay safe. Please only ride the buses if necessary and wear a google and medical mask. 

TTC Working External announcers:

All, please feel free to report any that are not working. 





5751 and 6121 set have different LED lights

8787 smaller font number at the front of bus

1658,1662 front TTC logo

1412 has the 1533 back cover

8592 has the 3100 right side mirror

1553 has the new rear doors

8734 has the prototype seats. 

3648 has the old bike rack

1082 has the new emergency exits

8874 and 8875 are now Wi-Fi enabled, they have the logos.

8879 8903 8906,8902 8907,8901,8956,3705,8891,8888 and 8899,8878 & 8890, 8883  have the 2' antenna 

8153 new stop requested MTA sign

1037,1075,1007, have the new stop request NG bell front. DINGs?

1052 has the full NG bell

1382 have the odd panel on the driver's left side

 "8499, 8500, 8602, 8607, and 9024 have their emergency handles at the rear section removed"

1277 has the small next stop destination sign

1371 passenger window is unusual from the others

1111 has extra reflectors at the rear

5161-62,5262-63 have the new security cameras installed and working.

7911 (only 1 NG sign stop request),7977,8043,8054, have the full NG bell

9043 has the louder kneeling sound

8363 has the 1200s front doors

5228 has the missing danger do not walk in front of car stickers

1007 next stop sign is new and smaller

8154 (sharp pong bell),8206 has the STOP REQUESTED bell font at the front

8530-31, 8533,9041 have the lower bus kneeling sound

8634 modified front seat

9145 has the round seats at the front of the bus.   


All of them should have it, if not, report it here.

1143 has the front blue stop request sign

1111 has the odd kneeling sound

8791 has a different mirror interior

8815,8844 has 2 rare plugs

5234-35 have the security cameras

8941 something is wrong with the external speaker?

1007 have the NG stop request sign

8923-24 have the long railings at the driver's seat

8436 different font bus number and logo

1386,8213,1312 have the move behind the white line

"4455 has a white rear panel instead of red. Its front panel is white as well"

3254 3325,8781,3175-3182,3199,3179

"3140 has had the top rear panel replaced and left blank (no unit number or wheelchair decal)"

1247 new ttc logo in front of bus

8572 has a wheel trans kneeling ramp sound

9043,8587, has the Orion VII kneeling sound


"1312 has the new white line, move back and fare payment decals"

"It also has one of those #thisiswhere stickers at the rear doors"

8606 has the electric powered doors at the rear

5098 the doors open LED sign.

"8943 has a bicycle decal on the front between the fleet number and accessibility decal"

1000,1001,1004,1008,1011,1014,1016,1018,1022,1030,1037,1039,1041,1044,1049.1047,1050,1058,1058-1059,1063,1068,1083,1084,1085,1093,1093,1096,1097,1097,1100,1102,1102,1103.1089,1106,1114,1117,1127,1129,1129,1136,1137,1232,7910,7910,7913,7915,7918,7923,7924,7932,7932.7978,7937,7950,7955,7961,7969,7972,7972,7973,7973,7977,7977,8005,8006,8009,8011,8014,8020,8022,8023,8024,8026,8027,8028,8034,8037,8037,8046,8050,8052,8052,8054,8055,8057,8064,8075,8077,8078,8083,8083,8084,8089,8089,8095,have the LED lights

4419,4455,4486,4491,4497,4516,4543,4593 have the black panels

1674 fleet number is big at the rear. There is a fleet number written on the top of the rear door.

"8037 has these "Watch Your Step" stickers on the two poles on the upper level"

5293 has a non-cab end door at the cab end.

5200-5201 has the new shiny exterior gray. It has it since August 2019

1403 has the front TTC logo (new one)

7924 has front door interlock ?

1337 has a new front TTC logo as well

8025 have the WATCH YOUR STEP sticker

7919 full NG Bell

1312 has the new POP, Stand behind the white line sticker

8815 has the new panels

8166 old kneeling sound

1534 has the old kneeling sound

8599 odd nova kneeling sound

4486 modified streetcar

5072 weird sticker put on top of the no smoking sign

8216 has a very odd kneel sound 

"8815 has a White novas's panel where its special plugs are"

"8909,8737,8856,1293 has the new stand behind the white line decals, but old white line" 

"9200 has a clicker and a beep instead of just a beep for turn signals"

3004-3005,3012,3013, They have the security cameras working

All T1s have security cameras working. If not, please report it here. 

1371 has 1278 panel 

3596 new next stop board

5471-76 has both the old and new musical closing chimes

"8477 has the new line & sticker/decal".

4427,4564 have the new driver cab door

#3538,#8409,#8583,#8648,#8661,#8950,#9212,#9221,#9235,#9239,&,1058,1058,1314,3100,3116,3123,3128,3128,3129,3150,3150,3162,3162,3164,7957,7957,8131,8191,8407,8436,8443,8444,8449,8450,8451,8452,8476,8551,8551,8567,8576,8680.3116,8776,8784,8805,8828,8898,9001.8448,9231,9231 have the new white line

8794 has the 31xx/34xx side mirrors

Subway 5044 and 5293 have opposite sliding doors

"8949,8941 have a few things:

- Stand behind the white line sticker

- Stand behind the white line, line

- POP decals on the exterior near both front & rear doors, and interior behind the driver & near the rear presto machine

- A really large “caution, bus lowers, watch your step” sign (like the ones found on the Orion Vs)"

W242 have the white panels, interesting.

1314 & 8476 have the POP stickers

"8757 has the new white line, no decal. It also has a odd sounding SR ding"

1369,8115,8145,8187,8191,8207,8208,8208,8317,8327,8451,8489,8545,8545,8575,8648,8737,8909,8963,9221,9212,9239 have the new white line sticker

8737 has the NOVA Montreal STM font at the front of the bus

7971,7972,8038,3333,8068,3333 winter tires

3601 has the new camera mirrors

1329,1262,1415,8311,1258, full driver barrier

8914 3503,3499,8900,8957,3530,8951,9232,3632,8962,3705 8878 8879 8882 8883 8890 8891 8901 8902 8905 8906 8907 8915 8956,3502,3570, 8929 & 8945,

3330-3341 have the new luggage racks installed

8852 has the wifi installed


Original rear destination signs:

#1084, #1223, #1236, #1251, #1323, #1337, #1559, #8121, #8355, #9008

7934 new headlights

"1422 has If You’re Sick, Stay Home; Face Masks Required decal at both the front and rear doors."

Updated on 2/5/2023

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To add, calling it "TTC new things" sounds extremely vague. With an umbrella title like that, we could use this thread to discuss new vehicle acquisitions, fresh news articles, fresh contracts, fresh rebuilds, fresh retirements, etc etc etc.

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How is New TTC Bus thing sightings?

It would be best if you made a new topic dedicated to the streetcars and buses you listed above that have nothing to do with the external announcements. Maybe something like "TTC vehicles with unusual bells," but that would exclude 7310, so perhaps "TTC vehicles with unusual parts"?

Can anyone think of a better topic title?

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7847 assigned to 17 yesterday had external announcement - "17 Birchmount to Warden Station"

I would presume that as shop forces have the time each division will work through it's fleet.

yes. At eglinton, I believe each day 2 buses gets done (on weekdays only).

I find the pronunciation is a bit off for the 86C and 86E. I swear I heard the machine calls out 86E when the sign is showing 86C.

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Some of the Eglinton buses have added 2 wheel chair stickers on the exterior. One on the left front side of the bus. The other one on the back of the bus. If anybody is interested in start a thread on this, 7400, 7600 and 7565 are several ones with the stickers applied. From what I see, whichever bus has to enter the shop for repair/schedule maintainence, stickers are applied on the bus.

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Some of the Eglinton buses have added 2 wheel chair stickers on the exterior. One on the left front side of the bus. The other one on the back of the bus. If anybody is interested in start a thread on this, 7400, 7600 and 7565 are several ones with the stickers applied. From what I see, whichever bus has to enter the shop for repair/schedule maintainence, stickers are applied on the bus.

I don't think we need to start a thread on the application of wheelchair stickers on buses. During last summer (I think before the Pan Am games started) the 9400s got slapped with those stickers on the back and nobody bothered to mention that on the Orion V Retirements thread.

Of course, that is just my opinion and I'm not going to stop anyone from wanting to start a thread on this topic if he wants to.

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