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A Quick Ferry Trip Over to P.E.I.

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I had to make a quick trip over to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island on Saturday and the shortest route is a 50 minute drive to the ferry terminal at Caribou, Nova Scotia and a 75 minute crossing on the NFL Ferry MV Confederation.Breakfast, Coffee, read the paper..then another 50 minute drive into Charlottetown. The crossing going over to PEI is free but you pay $75.00 upon leaving the Island. Map here:


The Trans Canada Highway ends at the Caribou Ferry Terminal (thats PEI14 miles across in the distance)


Below.the Confederation is on the left and the Holiday Island on the right. With its open decks..the Holiday Island is a summer boat and is now tied-up for the season.






And below..the Wood Islands, PEI Ferry Terminal.




Saturday evening I left Charlottetown in time to make the 6:15pm crossing. A nice dinner onboard and I would be home by 8:30pm.

But as I made my way to Wood Islands I noticed the winds picking-up and when I checked in at the Terminal.I found out the evening crossing had been cancelled. The winds were now almost at gale force out on the Northumberland Strait.

It wasnt a question of what to do now? I knew..drive around via the Confederation Bridge over to New Brunswick and a 400 km, 5 hour drive to get home. Even while on the Bridge (9 miles/13 km long).speed was reduced to 60 km/h due to the high winds and high sided trucks were being restricted. Map Here:


An interesting day to say the least! What should have been a quick round-trip.. ended up touching three provinces. I did save $75.00 on the Ferry but the Bridge Toll was $45.00 plus the additional gas to go around.

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The M/V Holiday Island looks like a weird design for ferry that crosses open water.

The MV Holiday Island and its twin, the MV Vacationland were built in 1969 for Canadian National Railways and used on the 9 mile run between Borden PEI and Cape Tormentine, New Brunswick.

The design was considered highly functional for the Ro-Ro hourly service they were built for.

When the Confederation Bridge opened in 1997, the Holiday Island was transferred to the NFL Ferries run between Caribou, NS and PEI. The Vacationland was laid up and eventually sold.

The Northumberland Strait separating PEI from NS and NB is narrow and shallow and usually quite calm. By the time the Gales of November start....the Holiday Island is tied up for the winter and the larger, enclosed Confederation is on the run. (even it can’t handle all wind conditions like last Sat. evening)

The Confederation is not an ice breaker and will be off the run on Dec 20 when the service shuts down for the winter until next spring..

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