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Fort Worth The T

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Fort Worth Transportation Authority, operating as the T in Fort Worth, Texas is a treasure trove for pre-Xcelsior New Flyer CNG buses, so I am really shocked by the evidence here that its latest buses are an unknown quantity (but at least 😎 of Gillig LF 40ft. CNG buses numbered in the 1100 series. (I've always thought that it would be a prime Xcelsior operator given its longstanding ties to New Flyer). To be fair though, there was also an NABI invasion before it reverted to C40LFR's.

First come the pictures of NABI's!

The flagship buses at The T are undoubtedly the eight 2010 NABI 60-BRT's for the Spur* enhanced bus service. Attached here are buses 1001, 1003 and 1006; all pictured at or near the downtown Intermodal Transportation Center (ITC) last September.


The other NABI's in its fleet are the twenty 40-LFW Gen II buses new in 2008, as exemplified by bus 594, the next-to-last bus of the batch numbered 576-595.


Now move on its huge fleet of New Flyers. I believe it is the only agency that operates all 3 lengths of CNG-powered New Flyer LF.

The biggest New Flyer sub-fleet, at 43 buses, are the C35LF's in the 300 series. 301 (pictured at the La Gran Plaza transfer point) is numerically the first of the 2001 batch of 31 buses , while 333 (pictured at the ITC) is one of just 12 buses new in 2002.


The next biggest sub-fleet, at 32 buses are the 2002 C30LF's. The T is believed to be the biggest operator in the country for both C35LF's and C30LF's.

The C30LF's are illustrated by buses 403, 420, 427 and 431. Notably, the last two were converted to trolley replicas fore use in the Molly the Trolley service. Note the extra decorations on the body panels and the CNG tank. They even comes with trolley-style bells and trolley-replica style bumpers.


On the other hand, the 2004 C40LF's belong to the smallest sub-fleet at just 8 buses, as illustrated by bus 551, numerically the first of these.


Finally, the T has two batches of C40LFR's: 15 of the 2006 delivery as illustrated by buses 561 and 564; and 10 of the 2009 delivery as illustrated by buses 602 (pictured at Ridgmar Mall) and 603.


My Fort Worth The T gallery is available here, and hope that you'll enjoy my coverage!

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Fort Worth Transportation Authority (The T) has now been rebranded as Trinity Metro.  Between the last days of The T and last March, the agency saw a large influx of Gillig Low Floor CNG buses in various guises.  2015 29ft. bus 1023 is among the first Gillig Low Floor CNG buses outfitted as a trolley replica.  Meanwhile, 2015 40ft. suburban bus 1051 is 1 of 4 used exclusively on the North Texas Xpress jointly funded with Denton County Transit Authority (DCTA).  Note the DCTA logo at the front end of the red waistband.  They are joined by 4 batches of transit-style sister buses, like the pioneer transit-style Gillig Low Floor bus 1101 new in 2015, 2016 buses 1123 and 1167 (final bus with traditional windows) and 2018 buses 1805 and 1810 with frameless windows.  Bus 1810 is also the agency's newest 40ft. bus for now.

TMet-Molly-1023-1.thumb.JPG.f7dc5e6070fbc5f3d6b8be39e7153fb5.JPG  TMet-r064X-1051-4.thumb.JPG.6914224688bc976a1cfcf1a47a672687.JPG  TMet-r006-1101.thumb.JPG.2b7a5fb2e4660886196d2fb0c0f42d7f.JPG  TMet-r015-1123.thumb.JPG.ba9c53f5bab8435f703f2b1e042a9195.JPG  TMet-r015-1167.thumb.JPG.76c0803c9fdb0a2deb4b063dec6bb047.JPG  TMet-r012-1805-1.thumb.JPG.f9443a548be68b50b2c7fed8122622b1.JPG  TMet-r091-1810-1.thumb.JPG.39dd5e8b9f1edb9659e361623a44898f.JPG

Trinity Metro has also introduced 6 New Flyer Xcelsior XN60 artics with frameless windows in 2018.  They are dual-door unlike the NABI 60-BRT on route 89(The Spur) BRT-Lite service.   They are used exclusively on route 2 and exemplified by buses 1864 and 1865.  Meanwhile, NABI artic 1004 signed for route 89 is also illustrated here. 

TMet-r002-1864-1.thumb.JPG.f6a3708dab26bd9bf98e54d3c247b9f7.JPG  TMet-r002-1865-3.thumb.JPG.d0d77b6b5e8f4740ceda55bf0883228a.JPG  TMet-r089-1004-1.thumb.JPG.99d3dd8859f95a1630f1db8bb70f6741.JPG

Legacy buses from The T era include New Flyer C30LF bus 432 decorated as a trolley replica.  A few of its sister buses are also retained for the TRE Link shuttle to the DFW airport and a Forest Hill local route.  They are the last New Flyer LF-style buses in its fleet.  Older 40ft. buses repainted in the current livery are exemplified by C40LFR buses 565 and 610, and NABI 40-LFW Gen II buses 582 and 586.

TMet-Molly-432.thumb.JPG.7dd94b1ac8580429ed17a81a11522249.JPG  TMet-r005A-565-1.thumb.JPG.e581f5ac537e42fd5b05dc4624473931.JPG  TMet-r090-610-1.thumb.JPG.ee49ae618d6da1cae1f36893fe2b5544.JPG  TMet-r001-586.thumb.JPG.99a53b37decafb052f5b56e14bf7135c.JPG  TMet-r044-582-2.thumb.JPG.526f821ecfe75786fbd74be0677e2a75.JPG

Finally, TEXRail is a recently-launched commuter service operated by Stadler FLIRT DMU trains, like this one pictured at the Mercantile Center Station.


Here is my Trinity Metro gallery:

Trinity Metro (Fort Worth, Texas)

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