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TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

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4 hours ago, ilovettc said:

3421 is at Arrow Rd Garage

That bus most likely was used as the bus shuttle to bring the drivers to Arrow to pick up those 34s that you mentioned to bring them east.

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3487 doubling back west to get two other units. Presumably 3483 & 3488

Edit: it doesn’t appear as such. 3487 is on the road, but I’m not sure if it’s being used for training or not

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16 hours ago, ilovettc said:

3481 is at McNicoll Garage
8934 is at Birchmount Garage


3481 is at McNicoll for the preventive maintenance program and 8934 is probably at Birchmount for repairs or maybe even MTO renewal. 8887 was at Birchmount last week and has since returned to Arrow. These are not movements that need to be constantly reported because the buses aren't transferring to another garage, and buses can be sent to any division across the city for various reasons.

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