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TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

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27 minutes ago, MK78 said:

These aren't really movements as it was mentioned in the sightings thread that these were RAD (Run as DIrected) buses.

Not possible for these to be RADs, 8538 has been on the 43 since i believe before 10 am, if this were a RAD it would have been sent back to Birchmount at round 1 pm

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  • 2 weeks later...
54 minutes ago, Shemar said:

#3583 is back at Arrow. #3578 is at Mount Dennis. I guess Mount Dennis is getting nova hybrids?

41 minutes ago, Young said:

Are they swapping 3583 with 3578 cause Mount Dennis is training drivers?

It is also possible that they are training Mount Dennis-based drivers who may be moving to another division with the upcoming Master for when McNicoll opens.

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14 minutes ago, BusFanForever said:

No, the buses are there for technician training courses which are based out of Mt Dennis currently.

So they’re training Mount Dennis technicians for if they do get Nova hybrids 

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