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TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

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54 minutes ago, Shemar said:

#8918, #8919 are tracking at Mount Dennis garage. I wonder what they are doing over there.

The PR for the electric buses is scheduled for Monday morning at MtD. My guess is these two would be there for show and tell.

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10 minutes ago, Kelvin3157 said:

For some reason:

9207 is at Eglinton

9221 is at Arrow

9222 is at Queensway

9209 is at Mount Dennis

9236 is at Wilson

9237 is at Malvern


Does anyone know why they're there?

There's been a lot of weird movements according to transsee and pocket track this morning, I personally feel that it's just an issue with the trackers. Most buses are in random spots over Toronto and last seen 2 hours ago. If the buses are actually there it would be cool! 

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47 minutes ago, PCC Guy said:

I definitely wouldn't trust any information from the trackets today - here are the readings for a bunch of long-dead Orion VIIs.


True, even 7460 which was retired in December is tracking at Mt.Dennis now. Some are even tracking at Russel which is really weird.

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Maybe this has been answered, but I did a general search and didn't find anything...

Does anyone know why there is a gap between the Nova's at Eglinton, 8717-8719 are not being used? Was this a different order batch and they decided to skip these numbers and start at 8720?

Below is a paste from the first page of this thread.

8620-8716: 8620-8716
8720-8964: 8720-8924, 8925-8964

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