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TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

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This thread would be used to track movements of the NovaBus LFS buses (both 40' and artics). 
Arrow Road Birchmount Eglinton Malvern | McNicoll Mount Dennis Queensway Wilson
Standard 40' Clean Diesel buses:
3100-3369: 3100-3329, 3320-3369
8510-8572, 8574-8617*: 8510-8572, 8574-8617
8620-8716: 8620-8716
8720-8964: 8720-8880, 8881-8964
9200-9239: 9200-9209, 9210-9219, 9220-9239

Standard 40' HEV buses:

3400-3454: 3400-3454
3455-3569: 3455-3493, 3494-3569
3570-3654: 3570-3639, 3640-3654

Articulated 60' Clean Diesel buses:
9000-9002, 9004-9026*9000-9002, 9004-9019, 9020-9026
9027-91529027-9057, 9058, 9059, 9060, 9061-9079, 9080, 9081, 9082-9103, 9104-9139, 9140-9152

*8573 and 9003: retired due to a major collision

Last updated: November 26, 2022

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Looks like 8445 and 8448 are in service.

Yeah, they're both in service on the 60. Somehow with the disastrous headway on the 60B/D branches (e.g. 35+ minutes gaps), 8445 was swap to a different run that is still operating now at 9pm. (Normally new buses only do rush hour in case something goes wrong with the bus).

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My vote is mainly to Birchmount or Eglinton, but I guess we will see soon since the first half is almost done being delivered.

I don't think Eglinton will get them. If Eglinton can get them, MtD and Malvern can too.

The likely scenarios are:

1. Arrow gets all 105 LFSes, push hybrids to Wilson. Wilson pushes some more 8100s to Bmount. (I think this is the simplest scenario, no additional training required for ops and mechs)

2. Arrow gets the first 55, push some hybrids to Wilson, Bmount gets the rest and pushes all the 8100s to Wilson

3. Arrow gets 55 of them, Wilson gets the rest pushing more 8100s to Bmount.

If Eglinton gets 50 of them, 50 S50s will be pushed to Bmount. Then the remaining 30 8100s at Bmoutn goes back to Wilson. I really don't think this will happen.

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If Malvern were to get them possibly a huge amount of the 1700s and 1800s would go to Wilson to retire those 9400s and probably push out some 8100s?

Highly doubt that's going to happen. If it does ever happen, then probably 50 hybrids will move to Wilson. MtD and Malvern are stuck with hybrids. They don't have hybrid restricted routes unlike Arrow and Wilson. TTC also plans for the future, there's no point to move them to a garage just to move them again the next year.

Arrow has the 191 that requires it to maintain 50-70 diesels. When Arrow had 25 diesels, they had trouble keeping the 191 diesel only.

Wilson have routes that operate a single bus, those are like restricted to diesels in case it breaks down and have no buses on the route. The 7 and 29 are actually good hybrid routes but they get artics instead.

Remember, next year all the first gen hybrids will go for overhaul. We don't know how much buses will be out of service at time time. I estimated about 50 hybrids might be at Hillcrest at a time. The hybrid overhaul will continue for the next few years. I predict the TTC will just push more hybrids from Arrow to Malvern and MtD. If the hybrids are breaking down more often, MtD and Malvern will loose more routes like how Arrow lost the 37 and Malvern lost the 190.

On top of that, TTC will officially increase the spare ratio to 16% in late 2016. I think they'll just stockpile hybrids at MtD and Malvern on the expense of Arrow. At that time I see Arrow maintain at least 100 LFSes as they will loose all the 7900s to Queensway. It might actually make sense at that time to move the 8100s back to Wilson to increase their spare ratio. Move more S50s to Eglinton and have Bmount get most of the 2016 order of 108 LFSes.

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