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LeeTran Ft Myers FL

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401-410 G22E102R2 11090413-0422 401-408 gone

411-417 G27B102N4 21073341-3347 413,415 gone

418-419 G29B102N4 71077096-7097

420-423 G27D102N4 81176028-6031

424-430 G27B102N4 A1177759-7765

501 E30B102N4 71077499 (straight electric bus, stored dead after failures)

502-504 G30B102N4 A1176749-6751 Hybrid

505-506 G30D102N4 B1178549-8550 Hybrid

507 Eldorado EZ Rider II CC084020

508-512 G30E102R2 D1092497-2501

513-523 G30B102N4 D1181797-1807

524-529 G30D102N4 D1181791-1796

675 G27B102N4 C1180509 (lease from Collier County)

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