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RTL 1st Generation Novabus LFS Watch

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Since there's not many left, it's time to start the countdown to the last 1st gen LFS. They're buses in the 96, 97, 98, 99 and 2000 series.

This is what's left active:
- 9617, 24
- 9707, 08
- 9802,12, 14, 17, 18
- 9905, 07, 12, 13, 15, 19 to 29
- 20001 to 20015 (All active)

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On 10 August I drove P9-927 on the 77, soon to be a very rare sighting since next week it is going accessible. Only 2012+ models should be allocated to the route. On Tuesday I drove 2-0012 on the 87

I'd like to assure everyone that first gens are very much still alive here at RTL despite the lack of posting. Even though I do not have the dubious luxury of driving them everyday, I do see them very

Initially I was assigned 9-913 this afternoon however due to unforeseen circumstances, I managed to get C9-926 instead.

It is possible that I could set something up for a Friday night in December (Christmas Lights) but this is still a long ways away. I will write this news in the 2015 YUL Bus Charters activities thread. For the moment, let's stick to sightings of these vehicles please! I can for instance say that I saw 9-710 on the 83 and 9-814 was also active, both sightings yesterday during the afternoon rush!

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-One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of first gen sightings during rush hours, but you have to go to the usual spots to get the action, like Métro Longueuil, Panama, or TCV.

Wednesday PM rush

9-802 on the 6

9-925 on the 55

2-0008 on the 86/31 interline

Thursday PM rush

9-912 on the 123

9-920 on the 77

9-923 on the 9

9-925 on the 28

Friday AM rush

9-711 on the 78

9-905 on the 73

9-907 on the 75

9-923 on the 14

9-925 on the 13

Obviously I cannot get every sighting as there is a strict no cell phone behind the wheel policy. So taking sightings down isn't like when I was riding the STM in my younger years. Also because I live and breathe buses 5 days a week, I cannot promise that my interest will still be in posting sightings at every moment.

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PM rush

9-910 on the 55

I drove 2-0013 on the 86/31 interline, very good bus

As an aside, yesterday I was slated to get 9-902 but it was not available so I got 20509 instead.

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Thursday PM

9707 on the 28

9818 on the 88

9907 on the 81

9910 on the 417

9913 on the 8

9928 on the 78

20009 (my bus)

Friday PM

9907 unknown route going to the metro

9916 on the 417

9919 on the 28

9927 on the 33

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Yesterday PM

9707 on the 28

9711 on the 417

9802 on the 410

9908 on the 88

9910 on the 28

9919 on the 8

9920 on the 99

9927 on the 78

20007 on the 83

Today PM

9902 on the 8

9929 (my bus)

20001 on the 410

On another note, 9809 is retired.

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Yesterday PM rush drove 9-920

Today AM rush drove 9-929

Also there doesn't appear to be any problem to find the oldest buses in the RTL fleet. I see 9-624 pretty much every day... usually on one of the branches of Gaétan-Boucher like the 142.

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Hey guys! This AM rush 9-624 on the 42 and 9-915 on the 49. GASH has had 9-915 for more than a couple of weeks right now. In my experience, it is pretty rare to see 97/98/99/2000 buses at GASH.

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