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Some colors being tossed out by forum

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I noticed a bug when making a post when using specific color names, that the forum software is apparently tossing out certain colors when being used.

For example:

This text should be pink.

This text should be crimson.

This text should be hot pink.

I used the following when posting them:

[b][color=pink]This text should be pink.[/color][/b][b][color=crimson]This text should be crimson.[/color][/b][b][color=hotpink]This text should be hot pink.[/color][/b]
The color BBCode tags get removed after posting them when using these colors, and probably many other valid X11 colors as well. To get these colors, I must use the hex codes for them, even though pink, crimson, and hotpink are all valid X11 color names. I assume that the forum software is only accepting the color names defined in CSS, even though nearly all modern browsers can correctly render the X11 colors.

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