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Green Line LRT


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5 hours ago, CTrainDude said:

Green Line awarded their LRV contract today to CAF, with the URBOS 100.  Nice looking train!




Sorry I’d like to chime in I’m hearing that other places with similar trains from CAF are reporting issues with them so let’s hope it’s not going to have issues. I’d also like to say I said something on that announcement apparently these trains can hold 150 more people then the older ones.



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There’s definitely a few properties around the world dealing with repairs to cracked bogie boxes. Hopefully now that it’s been identified as an issue, there can be adjustments made to prevent this in new builds. 
It’s not realistic to expect they’d be trouble free, but it would be hard to be worse than the last few series of Siemens LRVs we’ve gotten anyway - when they’re first delivered from Siemens, they’re really hot trash. 

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