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Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority

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I have a bunch of images submitted to me for uploading to my website, but it appears the Wiki is quite out of date for this Transit system. If anyone has some more information on this fleet to add to the Wiki, please feel free to do so or leave it here in this thread.

Link to Wiki page: http://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Corpus_Christi_Regional_Transportation_Authority

And this brings me to my first question. Do we know the fleet number series for the Chance Opus buses and any other info on them? Thanks. Here is a shot of #234 by Luke Olszewski captured on August 1, 2012:


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Thanks to Wiki Editor "Silly Tilley," The page has been edited quite nicely. Link in my earlier post. Everything that I have no added to my website matches up to the updated wiki page except for bus 271, a 30 foot Opus. Does anyone know how many were in this batch and what their fleet numbers were? Thanks again for any help! It is appreciated.

Link to my new CCRTA Gallery on my website with 19 new photos: http://www.busdrawings.com/Transit/texas/ccrta/index.htm

And an image of the one of the mystery fleet of 30 foot Opus 30 footers:

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Some Opus info:

221-224 2001's

225-237 2003's 3W216048-6060

238-245 2004's 4W216079-6086

Also, Flx's listed as 411-414 should be 401-404 40096-4D from 1995 SD105736-740

Correction - 411-414 ARE correct per photo. Model, serial info are good.


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Bad news for fans of fleet diversity, as I can confirm that the Orion VII OG's at the agency have been retired too, as I haven't seen buses 708-714 at the agency's real-time bus tracking page for a long time.  This means that its heavy-duty fleet is now 100% Gillig, a sharp contrast  to the early 2010's where the Orion VII's, Opus buses in 2 lengths, late-model Flixible Metro's and TMC RTS's were operating alongside the oldest Gillig Low Floor's.  Operationally, the agency seems to loosely adhere to a dedicated buses policy on weekdays with its heavy-duty buses (including Gillig Trolley Replica's).  That means it will dedicate a pool of buses to a particular route.  Here are a few examples:

  • The 2010 Gillig BRT 35ft buses 651-653 will always appear on its route 29
  • Trolley Replica no. 98 is a dedicated route 76 (Harbor Bridge Shuttle) bus.
  • 2009 Gillig Low Floor 35ft. buses  641 and 642 will always appear on the routes 26/32 pairing.
  • Because of the interlining with route 78 (North Beach), route 6 will always see Trolley Replicas, one of which is bus 102.

That policy apparently does not apply to its fixed-route Arboc cutaways, as any Arboc with a destination sign can be used on the agency's small bus routes (3, 4, 30, 34, 35, 54 and 63).

Fleet-wise, it now has at least 15 Gillig Low Floor 35ft. CNG (up to bus 915) and 24 similar 40ft. buses (up to bus 1024).  It has 2 series of fixed-route cutaways, the 2000-series of original Arboc's and 3000-series of face-lifted sister buses.  A photo chronicle on my sightings last Friday to come soon!

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Now to my photo chronicle!

After the retirement of the Opus 30ft. buses, routes with lowest ridership at Corpus Christi RTA are handled by 2 different series of Arboc/Chevy low floor CNG cutaways.  Cutaway 2017 is an original version and is seen at the Flour Bluff transfer point at Compton and Waldron roads; while cutaway 3011 is a face-lifted sister bus seen at the Robstown Station. 


The five 2008 Gillig Trolley Replica 35ft. diesel buses are the agency's first Gillig's, as illustrated by bus 98 seen outside the Corpus Christi City Hall.  They are supplemented by a pair of 2009 sister buses like bus 102 seen at Southside Station near the La Palmera mall.


They are followed by 13 regular 35ft. 2009 diesel buses like bus 648 seen at Port Ayers Station, and three 2010 BRT 35ft. like bus 653 seen at the Staples Street Station in downtown Corpus Christi.


The agency has six 40ft. 2009 regular diesel buses like bus 715 (first of batch) seen near the Staples Street Station and a pair of 2010 BRT 40ft. like bus 722 seen at Port Ayers Station.  The five 2010 BRT's in both lengths turn out to be the agency's final diesel buses.


The agency then goes all-in for CNG Gillig Low Floor buses, with 35ft. bus 902 (one of the original five new in 2012) seen outside the Corpus Christi City Hall.  Sister bus 911 from a subsequent delivery is seen near the Six Points Station.  I have spotted and pictured up to bus 915.


As for the 40ft. CNG buses, bus 1003 is one of the original five (note the white-painted CNG tank, versus the red-painted tanks in most other buses). Buses 1006, 1018 and 1023 are from subsequent deliveries.  All four are seen at the Staples Street Station.


Here is the link to my Corpus Christi RTA gallery: 

Corpus Christi RTA

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