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Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sounderbruce/
Curated threads: SkyscraperCity Forums (mostly buildings and roads); AARoads Forums (roads)

My content is split between transit, roads and soccer. All from the Seattle area, which has plenty of different transit agencies across several modes, so I'm not going to be bored for quite a long time.

I sort all of my content by service/operator. The following albums get updated regularly, so stay tuned:

I also have individual albums for transit stations seen in some of my collections.

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Major update: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sounderbruce/archives/date-taken/2015/06/18/

Agencies spotted and shot: Everett Transit, Sound Transit (ST Express and Sounder), Community Transit (including Swift BRT), Skagit Transit (County Connector), Amtrak (Cascades and Empire Builder)

Locations: Everett Station, South Everett Freeway Station, I-5 overpasses in Everett

Favorite shots of the day:


Amtrak Cascades and Sounder at Everett Station by SounderBruce, on Flickr


ET B0300 leaving Everett Station by SounderBruce, on Flickr


Deadheading buses in I-5 traffic by SounderBruce, on Flickr


3 agencies and Greyhound enter Everett Station by SounderBruce, on Flickr


CT buses at Everett Station by SounderBruce, on Flickr


Swift buses at Everett Station by SounderBruce, on Flickr

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Two updates! June 23 in West Seattle (featuring the water taxi for the first time and plenty of skyline shots) and July 4 aboard MEHVA's historic buses.

I took a tour aboard some historic trolleybuses preserved by the Metro Employees Historic Vehicle Association. $5 a pop, 4 hours along Seattle's extensive trolleywire network (with a lunch break at the Ballard Locks). Well worth the trip.

The next trolley tour is in September, but there are historic diesel bus tours coming up this month. Check out MEHVA's website for more details.


Panorama of MEHVA trolleybuses by SounderBruce, on Flickr


75 years of trackless trolleys in Seattle by SounderBruce, on Flickr


MEHVA 1005 crossing Rizal Bridge by SounderBruce, on Flickr


MEHVA 643 on Broadway by SounderBruce, on Flickr


MEHVA trolleybuses in Pioneer Square by SounderBruce, on Flickr


MEHVA trolleybuses in Ballard by SounderBruce, on Flickr


MEHVA 1008 interior by SounderBruce, on Flickr

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