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Midnight Madness pub crawls


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In the past, Midnight madness has owned an old British Double Decker Coach, an NFI D40, A Chevrolet/GMC Blue Bird School Bus, a Thomas front engine flat nose School Bus. I am not sure of what buses are still in their fleet, but it seems when looking on their website, they still have the D60 which is former St. Albert Transit 1995 D60 #806 as their "Midnight Madness Platinum" party bus. However, the latest addition ( I am not sure when they got this unit ), is a 1980's MCI MC-9 coach. It is this coach here in this link from Kevlo86's website: http://www.kevinsbusrail.com/other/jerry-rm-charter_l774-2.jpg . It is now painted in blue in the same areas that it is shown in the image in the reddish brown color. I saw this coach while driving my route so I was unable to stop for images. It still has L774 decal-led on it.

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