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2001 Model MCI 102-D3 VIN Questions

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I have recently came across some CENTRO New York MCI 102-D3's in an auction. They were built in 2000, which is the last year the 102-D3 was built before the D4000 began production in 2001. However these 102-D3 VINs are 2001 model VINs and even doing a VIN check states they are 2001 models.

This VIN: 1M8SDM1A51P053587 is the VIN for CENTRO 678, a 2001 model MCI 102-D3 from 2000. Where would a put this in the MCI VIN page on the wiki?

Also, the order of these specific VINs are somewhat erratic.

678: 1M8SDM1A51P053587

679: 1M8SDM1A11P053585

Auction sources:



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