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NFI Midi Bus


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Maybe now that NFI is making a 30/35' bus again we can get rid of those 900s and get a few of these

Looking towards the back




Left side panel (red lever is parking brake)


Destination sign and media centre (wouldn't it be nice to have a radio in the buses!!)


Driver's AC vent


Interesting seat placement






Maybe what it will look like soon??



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Interesting to note that it apparently has Red Deer Transit programing in it. 3 Anders is a Red Deer Transit route. This must have been the Midi demo they had that did not enter service after all.

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I can see Winnipeg Transit getting MiDi's to replace the D30LF's

I gather from most of the comments I've heard from Transit people that Winnipeg Transit would like to replace the D30LF's with stock 40-ft units when the time comes. I think the general determination is that there are no regular routes with geometry requirements for a 30 foot bus.

I would comment that I don't think they could operate the dial-a-ride routes with 40-footers. Everything else? Sure...

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Also, there was no mention of 30/35 foot requirements in last year's multi-year tender call that resulted in the award to New Flyer, but perhaps that was deliberate so that Nova would not be seen to be disadvantaged, given that they are not in that market space.

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