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TTC CLRV/ALRV updates and discussion

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I rode 4001 and 4178. Decent rides, but was partially ruined by foamers.

59 minutes ago, Streety McCarface said:

I heard 4057 is the media car, 4178 is overflow and 4001 is charter.

Yeppers. I caught them leaving Wolseley loop about an hour ago. These were the last cars I took photos of in service. Good bye old friends.


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If I wasn't wet and cold, would have driven from Bathurst to Russell to get the 3 cars coming off line. Shooting videos looking east got washout at time compare shooting west thanks to the rain drops. 

Just got to Bathurst as 4001 show up on its 2nd last trip.

TTC could had done a better job for this sign off as well how the cars left the loop. 4001 got cut off by a 511 car. The last 3 cars had a harder time turning onto Queen compare to the other ones before them.

The CLRV's weren't that full today compare to the past.

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23 minutes ago, Downsview 108 said:

4068 was packed on the last run too. It didn't help there was a reporter and huge TV camera on board as well. 😂 Nevertheless, glad I got on the car accidentally. Had no idea until I boarded that it was the last one.


4068 was not the last one, it was 4178 

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