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TTC CLRV/ALRV updates and discussion

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4230's "B" section departed westbound on Queen towards Greenwood (and presumably onwards) at 13:39 this afternoon. I (obviously) left several hours ago but I overheard the workers shouting to each oth

Listening to 680 News the other day made me think of this: You could always pick up CLRV chopper sound on the AM radio when you were driving under streetcar wire.  I'm going to have to follow one

I took my own advice to enjoy the VLRVs this week last night after a family Christmas get together and took a couple of quiet rides on Bathurst. I did it the old fashioned way, the way I us

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Random Q - When streetcars have completed their run for the day, and heading back to the carhouse, do they remain in revenue service? or do they go out of service?

I'm asking because I was on Bathurst the other day, and Saw a 512 St Clair driving south (presumably towards roncesvalles). It had the 512 sign, but wasn't sure if they take passengers on the way or not.

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4 minutes ago, DepthOfField said:

It had the 512 sign, but wasn't sure if they take passengers on the way or not.

Unless there's a mechanical or hygienic issue necessitating that the car is not in service, they do.

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I went out Saturday and had a nice long ride (to a non-productive visit to a bank in the Beach(es)) on a couple of CLRVs. I take it from the comments that none (or very few) were out on Sunday, and that there's no prospect of them being out next Saturday on Queen?

So now we're down to CLRVs providing partial service on Bathurst, with a wandering 4178. Is there any pattern to 4178, or is it randomly running on Carlton?

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1 hour ago, splendidwizardplayer said:

CLRVs on this morning are 

511 4155, 4104, 4048, 4123, 4170, 4069, 4133, 4179 & 4040

4069, 4104, 4133 and 4155 have not yet left Russell. Expect them on Bathurst around 12:30pm. 

Edit: Spoke too soon. 4456 is signed on as 511 and 4193 just rolled out of Russell. I wouldn't trust GPS data inside the car house - a number of those cars tracking in Russell are from last night and probably won't be returning into service today.

Edit 2: 4526 is also tracking as a 511 run (showing 504 Bathurst) on King. 

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2 hours ago, 110B West Pickering said:

Anyone know the schedule for the last trips yet? The ALRVs we knew a few days prior 

Word on the Facebooksphere is that there's supposed to be a press release put out tomorrow with more details.

Anyone know what the deal is with the sticker wrapped cars? Are they saving some of them for the final trip or are they all done?

I kind of hope 4057 doesn't come back, I snapped it at the start of its final trip to date, would be a neat conversation piece.. lol

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