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Dumbarton Express

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I've been doing a few trips after school to areas where Dumbarton Express runs. The service connects areas such as Palo Alto, Fremont, and Union City via the Dumbarton Bridge. At one point the majority of the fleet consisted of "piggy back ordered" 1992 Flxible Metro "C" 40102-6C Suburbans. Those are all retired, but now the fleet consists entirely of Gillig Phantoms (for now).

If you haven't noticed, I've already started a wiki page for this service. http://www.cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Dumbarton_Express

2002 Gillig Phantom C29D102N4 Suburbans: 0429151529a.jpg 0429151445a.jpg 0429151415.jpg

Ex-SamTrans 2003 Gillig Phantom C20D102N4 Suburbans: 0501151343.jpg 0501151514.jpg 0501151403.jpg

Ex-SamTrans 1998 Gillig Phantom C21D102N4 (same as my profile picture): 0429151549.jpg 0429151549b.jpg 0429151548.jpg

Ex-LADOT, Exx-Hertz 1996 Gillig Phantom 40102TBS50: 0429151447.jpg 0429151448.jpg 0501151627.jpg

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