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Transit service in Gravenhurst?


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Hey, guys.

I've had a basic awareness of a one-route transit service in Gravenhurst which was operated in the later part of the 2000s. If memory serves me correct, the bus ran from the railway station, through Downtown Gravenhurst and then ended at the Muskoka Wharf docks where the RMS Segwun steamships were moored. I also remember that the service coincided with a redevelopment that took place around the Wharf around the same time. Other than that, I really don't know too much about it, like the operation of the route, fares, whatever success it might had or when it shut down.

I can tell you that Hammond Transportation Limited 2794, a 2006-2008 IC Bus BE200 was the vehicle used for it and it had a farebox, as the pictures show.

What I'm wondering is if there can be a run down of the history of this service and where the bus ended up after that, I'd appreciate it. I know that Paul Bateson has a pic of this one at the Orillia yard on his Flickr and another Englishman shot this bus somewhere else in Muskoka more recently with the town shuttle decals removed.

I'd appreciate any info you guys might have here, and since I'm starting the topic, if there's any news about Gravenhurst in the near future, this thread can be revived for this purpose. No use having two threads about the same small town.

Thanks. :)






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Interesting find. Are these your pictures?

I had never heard of this operation until I read your post. I wonder if it was "summer only". The route: railway station via downtown to the wharf sounds a bit like it might have been primarily tourism-oriented.

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Thanks, guys. Yeah, these are my own pictures. I took them at my high school in Barrie as this bus was there for a charter for a special-needs ball hockey tournament that my class organised. I believe it was summer only from what the driver told me. According to the Wiki, there's a Hammond bus with this same road number which is apparently running transit in Parry Sound but no photo, and it's listed as a Ford E450 I believe.

And yeah, I grew up on the smaller systems, I love chasing them. I've foamed the smaller systems around here more often than I've done the TTC even though I've lived close enough to it for 10 years.

Thanks for the replies. I've done a bit of digging and couldn't find anything on it.

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