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5 hours ago, Oc4526 said:


It appears Transcollins bought more cutaways

saw C16 at Stn De La Gappe

it also sports a non bus type bike rack (one you would find on the back of a car/van)

4 hours ago, webfil said:

Transcollines does not 'buy' buses per se, but rather contracts a private operator that needs to meet some standards and criterias. AFAICR, the contract with Campeau stated that the subcontractor must offer a certain amount of 40-seaters to operate the Wakefield routes, and another amount of 20-to-25-seaters to service the other routes. Models were not specified, but suggested.


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I got the following e-mail from Transcollines today:


Service modifications proposition as of January 8th, 2018

La Pêche, September 13th, 2017: We invite ours users to take notice of the service modifications effectives as of January 8th, 2018, and give us your comments or suggestions (info@transcollines.ca or 819.456.1114) by September 20th at 4:00 pm.

Among the proposed changes, we draw your attention to the addition of a passage on line 921, the extension of one passage on lines 921 and 925 as well some shedule adjustments on lines 921, 923 and 931.



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Good news, after many complains from residents of the Hollow Glen area of Chelsea about the unreliability of service, line 992 (Request) will return to being the 922 (Scheduled service). The service will also be extended to Cégep Gabrielle-Roy! Click Here to see the ad published on Transcolline's Facebook Page

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