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Possible 2005 NFI D40LF VIN Discrepancy?


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The sequence numbers of St. Catharines D40LF 104-107 are the same as that of VIA Metropolitan Transit 268-271. Both sets were built in 2005. I thought the last 6 digits were sequential and went in order. I was about to add them to the VIN pages when I saw the error.

Apologies if this has been discussed before and if this is in the wrong thread.

The only other possibilities is if these four buses are the same bus, and if VIA's buses were built in a different year.


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The source below would suggest that those are VIA's serials. It's possible that the St. Catharines ones are wrong. Can any of our VIN experts shed some light on this?

Source: http://www.utahrails.net/ajkristopans/FLYER.php

While there are a few typos in that page (including where the Mississauga serials end and the VIA serials begin), I'm generally inclined to believe that those are indeed VIA's proper serials.

That page stops in the middle of the 2005 serials (they go to at least 29538 based off of other info on the Wiki), so it's possible that St. Catharine's serials are higher up in the 2005 order.

Thanks for spotting the discrepancy Express691!

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