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NJ Transit NABI's


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Here is the lowdown on NJT's NABI order. Model 416.15:


5201-5202 7A140140-141

5203-5431 8A140037-265

5432-5440 8A140617-625

5441-5450 9A140280-290


5501 9A140280

5502-5583 AA140001-082

5584-5630 AA140135-181

5631-5750 AA140273-392

5751-6000 BA140001-250

6001-6250 CA140001-250

6251-6325 CA140675-749

6326-6538 DA140001-213

6539-6549 DA140359-369

totals - 250 suburbans, 1049 transits, grand total 1299

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