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4 hours ago, SidneyTransitfan said:

I noticed an oddity on my trip to Cold Lake in June.

The wiki lists 5012 as ex. Calgary 5098, but according to the pictures I took, they're two different buses.

Could you share the pictures you took and why you think they are different buses?

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On 10/4/2021 at 12:44 PM, JK-from-YYC said:

Thread bump: a bus numbered 5017 appeared on Transloc today. Did Cold Lake get more Novas?


I don't think anyone's heard anything, and the last time I was in Cold Lake was in July. I never spotted anything out of the ordinary then, but then again I'm not sure if the bus yard I found (with the retired/spare Classics inside) is the actual garage, or if there is another facility nearby.


EDIT: While looking for the 'updates' page for Cold Lake (regarding the bulletins posted for 'non-accessible bus will be in service') I came across this little article detailing a new low-floor bus for Cold Lake. It doesn't reveal what type, but this is likely the new '5017' unit.


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Article Found
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2 hours ago, JK-from-YYC said:

To add to what you've found, here's a page @BC_YYC recently sent me which I forgot to bring up. The Cold Lake website describes new gas-powered low-floor buses to replace the last Classics. https://www.coldlake.com/content/new-accessible-transportation-vehicle-increase-efficiency-improve-comfort-passengers

The article is speaking to the City's "Special Transportation" service, which is a paratransit service - not the regular routes. The article speaks to the new bus retiring a high-floor lift equipped bus (the Classics weren't lift-equipped), and how it retired the "last diesel bus" (except that the two Novas are definitely diesel powered).

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