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Saint John NB Transit


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It was announced in the news on Thursday that Route #35 Red Head is slated to be eliminated. The transit commission estimated that the route has about 15 riders daily. There was a separate news story a few weeks prior of not being able to obtain an accurate ridership count.

For the few months that I have temporarily stayed here, this route almost always seems to use among the oldest buses in the fleet, as per my personal observation. I wonder if the transit commission considered bus replacement costs in their decision to cancel this route.

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3 hours ago, OCSTOFan said:

Are there any classics left in Saint John?

From what it looks like, they're still running at least one, 48239. The rest have either been retired or are getting some sort of maintenance work done to them.

Also, as of the start of the year, Route #35 is discontinued, so that will need to be updated in the wiki

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This morning, maybe out of a bit of boredom, I went to the Saint John Transit website, and clicked their 'NextBus' system. I did that because I wanted to know exactly how many bus stops there are in Saint John, to see if that data could be useful.

I crunched the numbers, and this is what I came up with.

Saint John Transit Stop Numbers by Route

Main Line Routes(combined numbers in brackets for both directions of a common route)

1-Fairville Blvd. Plaza via Rothesay Ave.-53
2-McAllister Place via Rothesay Ave.-49

102 total combined stops

3-Regional Hospital/UNB via Causeway-58
4-McAllister Place via Causeway-56

114 total combined stops(largest in Saint John proper)

5-Regional/UNB via Chruchill Blvd.-24
6-King's Square via Churchill Blvd.-27

51 total combined stops

7-Fairville Blvd. Plaza-25
8-King's Square-23

48 total combined stops

Main Line Stop Total-315

West Side Routes

14-Churchill Heights-46
15A-Harbour Bridge A-39
15B-Harbour Bridge B-38(67 total Harbour Bridge stops)

West Side Stop Total-244

North-South Routes

20-Wright St/Fort Howe-48
21-South End/St. Joseph's-23
23-Crescent Valley-45

North-South Stop Total-212

East Side Routes

30-Champlain Heights-51
31-Forest Glen-32
32-Loch Lomond-58
33-Champlain Express-76
34-Silver Falls-12(smallest in Saint John proper)

East Side Stop Total-229

Saint John Proper Stop Total-1,000


51 Hampton Comex-19
52-Kennebecasis Valley Comex-24
53-Quispamsis Comex-21

Comex Stop Total-64

Saint John Transit Stop Grand Total-1,064

I do wonder if it could help raise conversation over whether Saint John does or does not have enough stops for a city it's size.

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17 minutes ago, Jaymaud0804 said:

The wiki says that there are still 3 active classics. Is this true, or does it need to be updated?

Probably needs to be updated. I have no official information but I took the attached photo on June 27, and they were operating a lot of new Novas when I was out there in the summer.


I was in Saint John just last week too, and though I didn't cover much ground, I only saw Orion VII NGs and Nova LFSes in service.

There is a good chance 52930 would still be around though, since they repainted it this year.


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