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On 1/7/2017 at 11:15 AM, Issack said:

What was the ridership like?

Dang, sorry I didn't see this. The inbound trips to Calgary in the PM were pretty quiet with only a couple people riding. The outbound trips from Calgary had more ridership but still nowhere close to a full bus, maybe a little more than a dozen people on the first trip I saw, and about 6 on the second. @kevlo86 may have a better memory than me on this. :D

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New transit service between Calgary and Banff coming this summer

A new weekend and holiday public transit service between Calgary and Banff, with stops in Okotoks, Cochrane and possibly Canmore, will get rolling some time this June.

The Calgary Regional Partnership, Parks Canada, and several municipalities involved in the pilot project are still working out details, including fares and exactly when the coaches will start running this spring.

At least three buses would run on summer weekends and holidays until September, with stops at the Somerset-Bridlewood and Crowfoot LRT stations in Calgary for express service to the town of Banff and possibly Canmore as well.

Routes would originate in Okotoks, where the coaches are parked overnight.

Some trips could pick up passengers in Cochrane as well.


The plan is for buses to run beginning early in the mornings and again in the evenings.

Rides will be first come, first serve and extra buses would be added to meet demand if necessary.

Costs are being shared by the stakeholders to keep fares “affordable,” according to Colleen Shepherd, executive director of the CRP.


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I wish On It will get some new bus in future, Some those MCI D4500 was in look like so old.

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