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vancouver train spots


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Maple meadows and Pitt Meadows station should be good for CP Grain and coal trains.

You should also try trains coming going to/coming back from Roberts Bank. My Dad and I got this one on I believe 88th street south of Highway 10.

hite rock doesnt seem too bad. They go at decent speeds but light angles, people, and no train horns are some of the problems there.
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The level crossing at Renfrew St is a good spot, since you get trains heading up the Grandview Cut to Pacific Central, freight trains, and then trolleybuses and skytrain to keep you occupied while waiting for trains. The only problem would be that the majority of the passenger trains will be departing/arriving in darkness when you're in town.

There's always a lot of train activity right next to Braid Skytrain Station as well, and you can get different angles. Amtrak and VIA also run through this area, though again they mostly won't be running in daylight when you're here.

New Westminster at the foot of 8th street near the River Quay market has a yard with fairly regular train departures.

Just west of Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver there's a spot where the train tracks emerge from a tunnel and pass through a park.

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