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New Saint John <> Digby Ferry


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The Federal Government (Transport Canada) is acquiring a new ferry to replace the 43 year old Princess Of Acadia (below) operated by Bay Ferries on the Saint John <> Digby route. Supposedly its a done deal or close to it.


The new ferry is the Blue Star Lines Ithaki currently operating in Greece.

It will be sad to see the current Princess Of Acadia retied with its classic yacht-like lines that portray its Canadian Pacific heritage.


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Bay Ferries new 'Fundy Rose' has entered service on the Saint John, New Brunswick to Digby, Nova Scotia run replacing the 45 year old former Canadian Pacific Railway Princes of Acadia.

The Princess of Acadia and its predecessors were the CPR's connection across the 40 mile wide Bay of Fundy between their train, the 'Atlantic Limited' at Saint John and the Dominion Atlantic Railway at Digby... providing an alternative route between Montreal and Halifax to the CNR's Ocean Limited.

The Fundy Rose is the former Blue Star Line 'Ithaki' that first entered service in 2000 running between the Greek islands. It was purchased by the Canadian Government in 2014.

I was working in Saint John and decided to take the long way home yesterday......so instead of the straight 400 kilometer, 4 hour drive.......a nice 2 1\4 hr cruise on the Fundy Rose and then the drive from Digby. The ferry cost me $140.....but I did save a $4 highway toll!

Heres a few pictures:



There is plenty of seating on board. In Fundy Rose's former life it operated more as a bus between the Greek islands with lots of walk-on passengers.....whereas here it will mainly handle cars, trucks RVs and tour buses.





There's also an open sundeck bar that will probably see limited use to 4 months of the year (cant see it being too busy during a winter gale!)






The transfer bridge at the dock in Digby is designed to allow for the extreme differences between the high and low tides in the Bay of Fundy.



Heres the Yacht-like Princess of Acadia (built in 1971) that the Fundy Rose replaced.....


The first Princess of Acadia was the former Princess of Nanaimo the CPR transferred east from the West Coast service in 1963.



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