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Collisions and Incidents thread

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So far, there have been four incidents, including the most recent; just two of these incidents could have demonstrably been an actual problem with the Innovia Metro 300 series trains - one being a tra

Destination sign says "49 to Granville"  make 2 announcements at Cambie "this bus does not go to UBC, last stop is Granville".  Make another announcement at Oak.  Turn left on to Granville, everyone b

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9 hours ago, VancouverTrolleybus said:

Someone shoulds add a new section on the Wiki TransLink Page, December 2020 Hack.

Why?  Its a computer hack.  Happens all the time everyday around the world, its not that significant of an event.

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little bit of a field day on the Expo/Millennium Line this afternoon: Incidents ranging from severe to minor.

1) (this was the major incident) Stalled train between Nanaimo and Stadium. Production trains ran from Production to Columbia as mainline trains single-tracked through the eastbound tracks between Nanaimo and Stadium.
2) Some shouting match/verbal + physical altercation at Metrotown. Managed to catch the end of it and recorded a few seconds on my smartphone. Not sure how the long the train involved was stopped for though.
3) According to the scanner, there was a medical incident at Joyce where someone had been beaten up by a group of teenagers
4) A small track fire caused by papers at Commercial-Broadway (I assume it was the M-line westbound platform according to the chat)
5) Granville station, someone went into the tunnel, took a leak, and got back onto the platform

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153 156 159 169 all on detour due to another vehicle jumping off the EB offramp to Brunette Avenue.

Discussion in another place says that a Dodge Charger had been speeding. A family of 5 in another car was hit. The 6 people in the 2 cars were sent to local hospitals.

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1 hour ago, VancouverTrolleybus said:

Another stalled bus in Delta.

stalled buses happen every day and thus no need to note it every time it happened

or else this thread would have 19 posts a day about stalled buses

edit: not too late to make guidelines for this thread

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