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Sioux Area Metro (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)


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Sept 8, 2014

The council approved buying four new fixed-route buses last week for just less than $400,000 each. They’ll use the same fuel as the rest of the fleet.

The buses can carry twice as many passengers as the 1997 models they’re replacing. They’ll be used on some of the city’s busiest routes where buses are crowded at peak hours, transportation planner Sam Trebilcock said.

The new buses are 35 feet, six feet longer than the old models, and with just five more seats but much more standing room, they can carry 87 people instead of 42.

It will be a year until they’re ready for service.


Per the website, SAM operates 12 fixed routes and 4 school tripper routes


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So are there any mention of the make of these new buses? Thanks!

There was no mention but I agree that Gillig is very likely. Based on the best evidence I can find, SAM currently runs Gillig 29 footers.


Here is an article from today, stating that Augustana College students will be able to use their school IDs this fall to ride buses for free anywhere public transit goes in the city. Its a new pilot program.


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Here my photo chronicle on Sioux Area Metro:

On my late August visit, I spotted 2 9720-series of 2002 Gillig Low Floor 29ft. with the first generation front remaining in service.  Attached here is bus 9720 carrying the previous fleet livery The shot on route 1 is taken at the interim Fawick Park transit center in the downtown area, while the one on route 2 is taken at the southwestern transfer hub near the Empire Mall. Numerically, the 2009 buses of the same length is the mainstay of the agency, as exemplified by buses 0911 and 0914 carrying the current fleet livery and spotted at the Fawick Park hub. Unlike all similar buses found in neighboring North Dakota, both the 9720's and the 0900's are dual-door buses.  

Finally, the 2015 buses are indeed 35ft. Gilllig Low Floor's and are believed to be the largest buses the agency has ever operated.  I have spotted buses 1518, 1520, 1521 and 1522 (with the last 2 attached here here), so I wonder if they have a fifth bus 1519.

A bonus picture is attached here for the currently disused downtown transfer hub known as The Bus Stop (TBS) to the agency.  It is undergoing remodeling and is scheduled to re-open in October. 


Here is the link to my Flickr gallery on the agency:

 Sioux Area Metro (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)

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