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Blue Bird City Bird (1976-1986)


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Does anyone here remember the Blue Bird "City Bird" transit bus?

It was produced from 1976 to 1986. For most of its run it used a Detroit Diesel 6V53 engine (naturally aspirated to 1979; turbocharged from 1980), switching to 6V71TA power for its last two model years (1985-1986).

Engine list:

Detroit Diesel 6V53N (1976-1979)

Detroit Diesel 6V53T (1980-1984)

Detroit Diesel 6V71TA (1985-1986)

Transmission list:

Allison MT640 (1976-1977)

Allison MT643 (1978-1984)

Allison MT644 (1985)

Allison MT647 (1986)

Hear a 1983 City Bird in action:


(audio and picture by Marcos Ruiz)


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Apparently, I found out the 1984-87 models also had the following engines:

Engine list:

Caterpillar 3208T (1985-1987), MT27 model only

Detroit Diesel 6V71N (1984-1987), MT30 (CBPP2904) and MT35 (CBPP3407) models only

Detroit Diesel 6V71TA (1984-1987), MT30 (CBPP2904) and MT35 (CBPP3407) models only

Transmission list:

Allison MT643 (1985-1987), MT27 model only

Allison MT644 (1984), MT30 (CBPP2904) and MT35 (CBPP3407) models only

Allison MT647 (1985-1987), MT30 model only

Allison HT747 (1984), MT30 (CBPP2904) and MT35 (CBPP3407) models only


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