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Bombardier/Alstom Flexity Deliveries

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23 hours ago, T15111 said:

4614 will be tomorrow off load

4615 is schedule for Thursday off load.. depending on CP rail


4614 was unloaded off transporter WDLX 8903 this morning Tuesday April 2, bright and early, just before 8 AM.

Car 4461 was used to tow it off the railcar transporter.

4614 has sat at Hillcrest all day and at this time (10:15 PM) it is just heading out the gate, being towed down to Leslie, also by 4461.

In other news, seems that no one reported that today April 2 was also the first day of service for car 4612. It was in full day service on 504A King,

On 3/29/2024 at 2:07 PM, drum118 said:

4614 is at TTC Hillcrest loading dock to be offloaded next week. It does not have a front number.

Only a handful of cars were delivered with the unit number applied in black in that location - from the 4604+ batch currently being delivered, only 4606, 4609, 4610, 4611 & 4612 had it.

In all cases, it was switched to the standard white font before the cars went into on-street testing.

4613 which was offloaded last Monday did not have it.

In addition, from the original 204 car order, only 4400, 4401, 4402 & 4572 were delivered like that.

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I noted 4612 enter service on April 2 on 504A

4614 has started its testing and burn in and is currently on King St and has been tracking since Thursday

4613 should enter service this week

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4615 is now tracking

4613 is back over at Russell after spending some time at the Barns again.

4614 is still in the service bay after one day of testing this week.

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1 hour ago, T15111 said:

4616 should be offloaded today Tuesday with 4433. 4433 the next 8year body rebuild at Harvey


4433 arrived at Hillcrest overnight just after 1 AM.

4616 was unloaded just before 8 AM today, with 4433 pulling it off the railcar transporter.

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