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City Utilities of Springfield - New Flyers live on in Missouri part II


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Before my arrival at Springfield, Missouri on the same Monday of my Columbia trip, I thought that all New Flyer D30LF's with City Utilities of Springfield were replaced by the latest 29ft. Gillig LF order. So I was pleasantly surprised by the spotting of ton's of them, including one 1997 bus still running strong at 17 years old! (The remaining D30LF's I spotted were 2000 buses.)

Bus 234 is the 1997 D30LF I've spotted, and was pictured at the southern satellite transfer site outside Battlefield Mall. Also attached are its 2000 siblings 245 and 251 (The latter being numerically its last D30LF).


As for the Gillig LF's, 2002-spec bus 252 is either one of its kind or part of a very small batch, as I didn't spot any other similar buses during my stay there. On the other hand I've spotted quite a few EPA-2010 spec buses numbered in the 220 series (which is weird as I though they should numerically follow bus 252 or the highest numbered bus of its group). What I like about these 220's is that they have a fleet livery included, unlike the all white in many D30LF's and on the passenger side of bus 252. Attached here are bus 220, numerically the first of the batch on a day service and bus 226 on a night service.


Another worthy note on this agency is that it is probably the last American transit agency tied to a public utility. (I recall the transit services in the two largest cities in South Carolina, Charleston and Columbia were tied with SCE&G until 1997 and 2002 respectively, when the RTA's for the respective areas were founded). Such a tie probably enables the agency to run 365/7 with substantial night service hours on non-holidays, a rarity for cities of its size. My City Utilities gallery is available here, and hope you'll enjoy my pictures and coverage!

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Our whole fleet has changed here in Springfield Missouri.
212-213 are 2002 Gillig Low Floor 35 Foot Models with the Cummins ISM and B400R5.
214 is a 2001 Gillig Low Floor 35 Foot Model with the Cummins ISM and B400R5. (Retired 3/9/2020)
215 is a 2002 Gillig Low Floor 35 Foot Model with the Cummins ISM and B400R5.
216-217 were Identical to 214. They were retired in December and replaced with 2 2020 Gillig Low Floor 35 Foot Models with the Cummins L9 and the B400R6.
218 is Identical to 215.
219-228 are 2013 Gillig Low Floor 29 Foot models with Cummins ISL9 and B400R6. 
239, 241, 243-245. 247-249, and 251-253 are 2018 35 Foot Model Gillig Low Floors with L9 and B400R.

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